Government of New Brunswick

A NEW tag is now being used for bear, deer, moose and salmon. The tags have two parts consisting of an adhesive label and metal wire. Tagging instructions are found on the back of the adhesive label.

You need to have a tag(s) to complete the purchase online. Tags are available at vendors, SNB Centres and Natural Resource and Energy Development offices at no cost. Be sure to pick up multiple tags to last you a few years.



Activating your tag(s)

It is necessary to activate tags in the Fish & Wildlife Licensing System when purchasing a licence that requires a tag. This is done by entering a tag number when prompted. The tag number will be printed next to the relevant licence.

Once a tag has been activated, it cannot be used again (i.e. you had a deer licence but did not tag a deer).

For salmon retention licences:
It is mandatory to activate a minimum of one tag ONLINE at the time of purchasing your licence. You can activate tags later ONLINE at no cost. A fee of $5.25 (+HST) will apply each time you visit at a vendor or SNB Centre when activating additional tags after a licence is purchased. Multiple tags can be activated at once.

Once a tag has been activated, you cannot remove, change or modify your tag numbers.



Lost or damaged/defective tag(s)

Lost, damaged or defective tags can only be replaced at an SNB Centre and you will need to sign an Application for Replacement. If you have lost or damaged your tag, a new tag will be issued for a fee of $5.25 (+HST). If your tag is defective, bring your tag and a replacement tag will be issued.