Government of New Brunswick

A tag is required to purchase:

  • a bear, moose, or deer hunting licence;
  • a resident turkey hunting licence; or
  • a salmon angling licence, if you intend to retain a landlocked salmon having a fork length (distance between the tip of nose and fork of the tail) of 48 to 63 cm.

Tags are not required for small game or varmint hunting licences, or for most types of angling licences. This includes licences for sea-run Atlantic salmon, which must be live released by anglers.   

Tags can be obtained from authorized vendors, Service New Brunswick locations, and Natural Resources and Energy Development offices. There is no fee to obtain a tag.



Tag attachment

Tags consist of an adhesive label and metal wire. For bear, moose, and deer, the wire is inserted through the skin of the right foreleg of the animal. The label liner is peeled back from the tag and the sticky side is folded over the ends of the wire and onto itself.

The tagging process for landlocked salmon is similar, except the tag is attached by inserting the wire under the gills and through the mouth of the fish. Illustrated tagging instructions are provided on the back of the tag.


Activating your tag(s)

When purchasing an angling or hunting licence that requires a tag, you must activate the tag in the Fish and Wildlife Licensing system. This is done by entering the tag number when prompted during the licence purchase process. The tag number is then associated with your licence and will appear on your angling or hunting licence when it is printed.

Once a tag has been activated it cannot be reused. For example, if you purchased a deer hunting licence but did not harvest a deer, you cannot reuse that tag number the following year.

Activated tags should be completed by the angler or hunter. This includes indicating the species which it is valid for, the year, and your name. Your activated tag must be carried with you when angling or hunting.

Lost or damaged tags can be replaced at any Service New Brunswick Centre for a fee of $5.25 plus tax.