Government of New Brunswick

Under the Canada-Wide Environmental Standards Sub-Agreement, the federal, provincial and territorial Environment Ministers (except for Quebec) have agreed to work together to develop appropriate Canada-wide standards for environmental contaminants or issues of national concern. Since 1998, New Brunswick has been involved in this Canadian Council of Ministers of Environment (CCME)-led initiative to develop and implement Canada-wide Standards for a selected group of pollutants which includes particulate matter, ozone, mercury, dioxins and furans, petroleum hydrocarbons in soil, and benzene

Information on New Brunswick's implementation plans for Canada-wide Standards is provided below. More information on the Canada-wide Standards is available on the CCME web site.




Mercury, Dioxins and Furans


Dioxins and Furans


Particulate Matter (PM) and Ozone

The Particulate Matter (PM) and Ozone Implementation Plan and Report on Progress on Achievement of the Canada-wide Standards PM and Ozone will be posted as they become available.