Government of New Brunswick


The Wage Support Program for Early Childhood Educators (WSP-ECE) is a wage enhancement program administered by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to support Operators of Early Learning and Childcare facilities with the recruitment and retention of trained educators.
The WSP-ECE aims to:

• Recognize Early Learning and Childcare as a profession
• Encourage educators to participate in higher -level training
• Provide funding to increase the wages of qualified educators and reduce staff turnover


All operators of licenced early learning and childcare facilities in New Brunswick are eligible to register for the WSP-ECE and enroll their qualifying educators. Program eligibility is based on an educator’s level of training and qualifications, and relevant work experience.


Operators must register for the WSP-ECE program through the Operator Portal and accept the program conditions. Operators are required to renew their registration annually.

Registered Operators can enroll educators who meet eligibility requirements, as defined in the WSP-ECE Handbook, into the program.

Funding is paid twice a month based on actual hours reported by the operators.

Please see current WSP-ECE Handbook for complete program requirements and guidelines.