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Reports on Achievement 2020-2021

Note: Due to pandemic-related conditions, mathematics and scientific literacy were not assessed in 2020-21.

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2020-2021 Minister's Message

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development releases Reports on Achievement annually to inform families and the public about student performance on curricular outcomes and their standing against targets of the provincial education plan. These assessments are important because they provide valid and reliable provincial standards against which system performance can be evaluated.

Last year, a number of provincial assessments were paused in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to allow teachers and students to adjust to new health and safety measures. In the anglophone sector, English and French reading assessments and French oral proficiency interviews were able to continue.

We’re encouraged to see that our students’ literacy skills were far less impacted by the pandemic than anticipated. We were very pleased to see slight gains in key assessments such as the Grade 9 ELPA, a graduation requirement, and Grade 10 and 12 French Oral Proficiency results in some programs. Participation in nearly all assessments remained steady.

While results were better than expected, the anticipated effects of the pandemic on student well-being became evident as students at all middle- and high-school grade levels reported higher levels of depression. This was most pronounced at the Grade 6-8 level, which also had higher levels of bullying, exclusion and harassment.

Surprisingly, it’s been reassuring to see that despite increased reported levels of depression, responses of students in Grades 11 and 12 remained unchanged from previous years on measures of effort, valuing schooling outcomes and anxiety, despite the pandemic. High-school students also reported a substantial increase in their positive behaviour at school along with a decrease in bullying, exclusion and harassment. Relationships with teachers and school staff remained solid.

We are committed to building a world-class education system. To achieve this goal, we must understand where there are opportunities for our students to thrive and position them for long-term achievement. We will continue to work to improve literacy skills to ensure our children are competitive in the future and prepared to contribute their best to society.



Dominic Cardy
Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development


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