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As a parent, you want to be confident that your child gets the best possible start in life, in a healthy, safe and happy environment. One of the best ways to ensure this is to be informed about your options. The provincial licensed Child Day Care Facility Directory contains past and recent Inspection Reports thereby providing the public with a brief history of compliance by the facility.

In addition to reviewing the results of inspection reports, parents are strongly encouraged to visit child day care facilities before choosing a child day care facility.  It is important to speak to the child care operator in order to determine which facility best meets your child’s needs as he or she grows and learns. Inspection Report results are one piece of the puzzle and are intended to assist you in this very important decision.


About Inspections

As a parent, you may not know that licensed child care facilities are subject to different types of inspections. All inspections are intended to ensure that the safety, security and development of the children in care are not at risk.  

Early Childhood Services Coordinators are responsible to approve, renew, monitor and investigate early learning and child care facilities. Their primary role is to ensure that compliance occurs through the enforcement of provincial legislation.


When do inspections occur?

Early Childhood Services Coordinators conduct regular inspections of licensed child day care facilities, including 1-3 unannounced spot checks per year and one annual renewal inspection. After each inspection, a copy of the detailed inspection form is provided to the facility that outlines their compliance with the requirements of the Child Day Care Facilities Operator Standards.

All non-compliances identified during inspections are followed up by an Early Childhood Services Coordinators to ensure on-going compliance with the act and regulations.



For further details regarding requirements, please see:

Acts & Regulations


Types of inspections:

Below is a list of the types of inspections that are posted online:

Approval Inspections (New Facilities)

A final inspection for initial licensing is performed to ensure the prospective operator has complied with all of the approval requirements.

Annual Inspection (Renewal)

An unannounced inspection is performed 45-90 days prior to the expiry of the Certificate of Approval. This is a rigorous and thorough inspection, and all sections of the Child Day Care Facilities Inspection Form are completed at this time.

Follow-up Inspections

One or more follow up inspection visits are performed in order to follow up on compliance requirements (either to an annual inspection or spot check)


Find Inspection Reports

To view inspection reports for licensed child day care facilities in New Brunswick, visit

Parents are encouraged to contact the operator of the facility to discuss any specific questions or concerns related to the information contained within an Inspection Report, or to see the complete Inspection Report Form for more details.