Government of New Brunswick

The Healthy Smiles, Clear Vision – Vision Benefit for Four Year Olds is New Brunswick’s vision plan specifically for four-year-old children. Implemented in April 2018, the benefit was established to encourage parents to have their child’s vision assessed professionally before the child starts kindergarten.

To be eligible for the benefit the child must be:

  • four years old;
  • a resident of New Brunswick; and
  • ineligible for (and thus not enrolled in) the existing Healthy Smiles, Clear Vision program.

This benefit will provide vision coverage for four-year-old children, with or without insurance, as follows:

  • For children without vision insurance, the benefit will cover the eye exam, as well as corrective lenses up to a pre-established cap (please see Frequently Asked Questions for more information on caps).
  • For children with vision insurance, the benefit will cover the cost of the eye exam not covered by insurance. For corrective lenses, two caps will be set – one for single-vision lenses and one for bifocal lenses – and any difference between what is covered by insurance and the overall cost up to the capped limit will be reimbursed (please see Frequently Asked Questions for information on caps and examples of insurance reimbursements).