Government of New Brunswick


Special permits are issued to allow the safe movement of oversize, and/or overweight, or non-conforming vehicles on New Brunswick highways.


Section 261 (1) of the Motor Vehicle Act requires that operators of any vehicle, with or without a load, or any combination of vehicles with or without a load, which is not in conformance with the weights and dimensions set out in NB Regulation 2001-67, must obtain a special permit to operate such vehicles on New Brunswick highways.

Oversize Permits are required for a vehicle or vehicle combination transporting indivisible loads that exceeds:
· Overall width of 2.60 meters (8'6")
· Overall height of 4.15 meters (13'7")
· Overall length or overhangs prescribed under NB Regulation 2001-67.
· Restrictions to the conditions of movement and the maximum dimension limits apply.
· Oversize permits are available as a seven-day (single-trip permit), or extended periods of three-months or one year, subject to dimension limits
Oversize permits for pre-manufactured homes and modular units are available as a:
Trip Permit: Extreme width including eaves not exceeding 5.50 m; overall length not exceeding 32.0 m; maximum height on chassis not exceeding 4.88 m
Annual and Quarterly Permit: Extreme width including eaves not exceeding 4.72 m; overall length not exceeding 32.0 m; maximum height on chassis not exceeding 4.5 m

Over-mass/Over size Permits are issued for vehicles transporting single piece loads that exceed the axle group or gross masses prescribed under NB Regulation 2001-67:
· Restrictions and limits apply to the authorized weights and dimensions.
· Over-Mass/Over size permits are available as seven-day (single-trip permits), longer periods of three-month or one year are available, subject to permit limits regarding the requested mass, dimensions, cargo and routes.

Non conforming Permits are available for specific vehicle configurations that are not included in Regulation 2001-67, which are approved at this time to operate in New Brunswick (under special permit). Non-conforming vehicle permits are valid for a one-year period.


The Special Permit office issues permits for:
· Oversize and/or overweight vehicles
· New mini, mobile, and modular homes
· Vehicle configurations that do not conform to Regulation 2001-67.

The District offices issue permits for oversize:
· Standard Oversize Permit (4.27 m in width, 30.00 m in length, and/or 4.50 m in height)
· Large Building moves originating in that district (buildings exceeding 5.5m in width)

The Special Permits Office is the contact and application center for the following trucking programs:
· Long Combination Vehicle Operations
· Forestry - Winter Weight Program
· Highway Uprating Program
· Spring Weight Restrictions
· Harmonization of Vehicle Weights and Dimensions
· DTI Contracted Road Builders - Temporary Increased Mass Program

Changes To Fees

This document provides the rationale supporting changes to fees, associated revenue information, and the legal authority:
2022 - Permit Fee Increase


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
Overweight Permits (7-day trip) (Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) - kilograms) CDN 2022-12-01
3 Axles 2022-12-01
  Up to 30,50055.002022-12-01
  30,501-33,000 56.002022-12-01
  33,001-35,000 75.002022-12-01
  35,501-38,000 95.002022-12-01
4 Axles 2022-12-01
  Up to 40,500 55.002022-12-01
  40,501-43,000 56.002022-12-01
  43,001-45,500 75.002022-12-01
  45,501-48,000 95.002022-12-01
5 Axles 2022-12-01
  Up to 48,500 55.002022-12-01
  48,501-51,000 56.002022-12-01
6 Axles 2022-12-01
  Up to 51,500 55.002022-12-01
  51,501-54,000 56.002022-12-01
  59,001-64,000 142.002022-12-01
  Over 72,000550.002022-12-01
7 Axles 2022-12-01
  Up to 53,50055.002022-12-01
  56,001-58,500 75.002022-12-01
  Over 72,000550.002022-12-01
8 Axles and up 2022-12-01
  Up to 64,00055.002022-12-01
  Over 72,000550.002022-12-01
Any number of axles 2022-12-01
  Exceeds axle or axle group but not GVW55.002022-12-01
Quarterly or Annual Overweight Permits 2022-12-01
Axle or axle group exceeds but not GVW 2022-12-01
  3 Months112.002022-12-01
  12 Months373.002022-12-01
Up to 50,000 kg GVW (specialized equipment) 2022-12-01
  3 Months224.002022-12-01
  12 Months746.002022-12-01
Up to 59,000 kg GVW (for construction and industrial equipment only, on selected routes) 2022-12-01
  3 Months281.002022-12-01
  12 Months932.002022-12-01
Exceeds Gross Vehicle Weight of a highway (NB regulation 2001-67 -Schedule B) and is otherwise in conformance with the regulation, and is subject to a compliance and monitoring plan approved by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure 2022-12-01
  12 Months55.002022-12-01
Exceeds a Gross Vehicle Weight of 62500 kg and is subject to a compliance and monitoring plan approved by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure 2022-12-01
  12 Months932.002022-12-01
Oversize Permits for General Freight - all routes 2022-12-01
  Up to 7 day trip55.002022-12-01
  3 Months56.002022-12-01
  12 Months187.002022-12-01
Oversize Permits (up to 7 day trip) 2022-12-01
  Overlength or overheight or overwidth up to 4.72 m55.002022-12-01
  Overwidth over 4.72 m95.002022-12-01
Quarterly or Annual Oversize Permits (all routes) 2022-12-01
Overlength to 30.00 m 2022-12-01
  3 Months56.002022-12-01
  12 Months187.002022-12-01
Overheight to 4.50 m 2022-12-01
  3 Months56.002022-12-01
  12 Months187.002022-12-01
Overwidth to 4.27 m 2022-12-01
  3 Months56.002022-12-01
  12 Months187.002022-12-01
Overwidth to 4.72m (mobile, modular, mini-homes, max. box width 4.4m) 2022-12-01
  3 Months112.002022-12-01
  12 Months373.002022-12-01
Overwidth to 4.72m (fishing boats commercially in use) 2022-12-01
  3 Months112.002022-12-01
  12 Months373.002022-12-01
Configuration Permit - NC 2022-12-01
  12 Months55.002022-12-01
Modified Permits or Re-issued Permits 2022-12-01
  Where the holder of a special permit requests a modification Exemptions: Error by the special permits office, Inclement Weather, Unforeseen traffic detour55.002022-12-01
  Where a special permit is lost or misplaced by the holder and a duplicate is requested55.002022-12-01