Government of New Brunswick


The Financial and Consumer Services Commission Office of the Superintendent of Pensions is responsible for the enforcement of standards prescribed under the Pension Benefits Act and for the investigation of alleged violations.


Administrators and members of registered pension plans, trustees and owners of prescribed retirements savings arrangements in the province of New Brunswick use our services.


The Office of the Superintendent of Pensions performs a variety of services such as reviewing and registering documents that create and support pension plans, providing needed information surrounding pension plans and retirement savings arrangements, and monitoring private pension plans to ensure compliance with the Act and its Regulations.


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
Pension Plan 
  Application for Registration (per member) (min. $100.00 max. $10,000.00)5.001991-12-31
  Registration of Amendment100.001991-12-31
Filing Annual Information Return re: Pension Plan (per member) (min. $100.00 max. $10,000.00)5.001991-12-31
Copy of document  1991-12-31
  Non-certified (per page) ($5.00 minimum).501991-12-31
  Certified (per page) ($10.00 minimum).501991-12-31
Registration of Standard Contract500.001991-12-31
Application for Payment of Surplus500.001991-12-31
Filing of Wind-up Report (per member) (min.$100.00 max. $10,000.005.001991-12-31
Superintendent consent to transfer assets 1991-12-31
  Section 69 (per member) (min. $100.00 max. $10,000.00)5.001991-12-31
  Section 70 (per member) (min. $100.00 max. $10 000.00)5.001991-12-31
Register as a Trustee500.002001-02-01
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