Government of New Brunswick


The Special Corporate Continuance Act is a highly specialized Act which deals with the continuance into New Brunswick of foreign corporations in the time of emergency


A corporation incorporated outside of Canada may pre-file an application to continue in New Brunswick.

This is a fundamentally different process than the continuance of a corporation into New Brunswick under the Business Corporations Act.


Upon receipt of the appropriate application and fee and upon review, the Minister responsible for Service New Brunswick may issue a Certificate of Authorization.

Provisions exist under the Act to address procedures for application and continuance into New Brunswick and the maintenance and updating of any Certificate of Authorization issued. Relevant forms are found in the Regulations to the Act.


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
Application for a Certificate of Authorization5,000.002000-02-16
Notice 100.002000-02-16
Annual Return 1,000.002000-02-16
Proposed change or change in control of the applicant1,000.002000-02-16
Change of original jurisdiction of the applicant1,000.002000-02-16
Certificates 2000-02-16
  Special continuance (new)10,000.002000-02-16
  Discontinuance (new)1,000.002000-02-16