FREDERICTON (GNB) – The New Brunswick Electoral Boundaries and Representation Commission today responded to objections to its final report and has officially completed its mandate.

“We wish to thank the many residents of New Brunswick who took the time to share with us their viewpoints. While we were not able to respond favorably to all the requests we received, it is apparent that interest in our democratic process is very much alive and well,” said co-chair Camille Thériault.

“We offer our gratitude to our fellow commissioners for the insight and input they offered throughout this process, as well as to the commission staff who worked diligently behind the scenes producing maps, crunching numbers and making sure things ran smoothly,” said co-chair Roger Clinch.

The six-member commission was appointed on July 15, 2022. Two rounds of public hearings were held, beginning with 12 public sessions in August and September which were followed by the release of the commission's preliminary report on Dec 12, 2022. A second round of hearings were conducted virtually from Jan. 11 to Jan.14. On March 13, the commission tabled its final report.

That was followed by a 14-day period to receive objections in response to the final report in accordance with the Electoral Boundaries and Representation Act. Today the commission tabled its report, Amended Final Report: Response to Objections.

Eight objections were filed, all of which were deemed admissible under the act, and the commission responded favorably to one of them. The commission agreed with the objection calling for the return of a portion of the community of Cap-Acadie that was included in electoral district #16, Tantramar, back to electoral district #15, Shediac Cap-Acadie. This change was only possible due to legislation passed on March 30 which allowed the commission to exceed the electoral quotient of 25 per cent allowed for extraordinary circumstances as a one-time exception that would only apply to the electoral district of Tantramar.

“The commission is grateful to the members of the legislative assembly for their decisive action in addressing a concern that we raised in our final report, which could only be remedied through legislation,” said Theriault.

In accordance with section 3 (2) of the Electoral Boundaries and Representation Act, its mandate having been completed, the commission is now dissolved and there will be no further comment by its members.

The complete report and response to objections can be found on the commission's website. The commission’s reports will also be posted on the Elections NB website.