FREDERICTON (GNB) – A new medal will serve as the centrepiece for New Brunswick’s celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne.

The Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal program was launched today on the anniversary of her coronation. It is intended to commemorate the Queen’s lifelong service to Canada while recognizing New Brunswick residents who have made significant contributions to the province, a particular region, community or field.

“Throughout the country and the Commonwealth, a series of activities and initiatives are taking place this year to celebrate this milestone that has never previously been achieved,” said Lt.-Gov. Brenda Murphy. “While this Platinum Jubilee Medal program has been created to honour our Sovereign, it is also to recognize significant contributions and achievements made by New Brunswickers.”

Three thousand medals will be awarded to New Brunswickers who have rendered important service to their communities.

“This medal is a wonderful way to honour Her Majesty’s remarkable 70-year reign, while recognizing residents of New Brunswick who have greatly contributed to the lives of their follow citizens,” said Premier Blaine Higgs. “We are marking history by honouring the first monarch in Canada’s modern era to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, and throughout the year we will be celebrating our medal recipients who, like Her Majesty, have devoted their lives to the service of others.”

A specific focus will be on New Brunswickers who have:

  • Played a significant role in New Brunswick’s COVID-19 pandemic response at the local level over an extended period of time.
  • Made a tangible contribution to New Brunswick’s reconciliation efforts with Indigenous Peoples.
  • Made a contribution to New Brunswick’s diversity and inclusion goals.
  • Provided volunteer service at the local level.
  • Served or are serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP and other    emergency services.
  • Made a positive impact on the preservation of the environment.

The medal program will run through the end of the Platinum Jubilee year, Feb. 5, 2023, and will be administered by the Department of Intergovernmental Affairs' Office of Protocol. More information is available online.