Government of New Brunswick

Thank you for your input. The consultation period is now closed.


The Government of New Brunswick is initiating a 28-day consultation period where all New Brunswickers are encouraged to submit suggestions to rename the S---W Cap community, S---W Cap Mountain, and the protected natural area sharing the mountain’s name. These name changes are in response to concerns from provincial government and First Nations leadership, as well as the public, that the names are offensive and derogatory.

The provincial process will use Principles and Procedures for Geographical Naming in Canada to evaluate proposed place names.  This document provides guidelines and best practices for the naming of geographic features and communities.  Each suggested name that is submitted will be reviewed through the lens of the Principles and Procedures.  Names that meet the criteria of the Principles and Procedures will undergo additional research by subject matter experts such as historians, ethnohistorians, language experts, and knowledge holders to help determine the suitability of the proposed names.  Review by regulatory agencies will also be undertaken to ensure potential names do not have implications for public safety.