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The Mobility and Adaptive Equipment Loan Program loans specific mobility and adaptive equipment to eligible clients of the Department to support them in the performance of their activities of daily living and enable them to live and be cared for safely.

Equipment may be loaned through the Recycling Program, which is jointly administered with Easter Seals NB, or it may be purchased to loan, when recycled equipment is not available.

Cost limits exist for most equipment to ensure that the program operates as cost effectively as possible. Therefore only basic and/or functional medical needs can be addressed and equipment can only be exchanged when it is no longer safe or medically appropriate.

All equipment must be required for use in the client’s home environment and prescribed by an occupational therapist or physiotherapist.


This program is available to:

• clients of Social Development and their dependents
• individuals who have special health needs and who qualify for assisted health car under Section 4/4 of the Family Income Security Act and Regulations.

Clients must have one of the following:

• a valid white Health Card showing “SUPPLEMENTARY” IN THE ‘BASIC HEALTH ELIGIBILITY” BOX OR “CREQUIP” (Convalescent/ Rehab Equipment) or “MAEQUIP” (Mobility & Adaptive Equipment Loan Program) indicated in the “ADDITONAL HEALTH ELIGIBILITY” box
• a valid yellow Health Card showing “Y” under “OTH” in the “VALID ONLY FOR”
• a valid yellow Health Card showing “X” under “SUPP” in the “VALID ONLY FOR” box


The program is divided into three components - Basic Adaptive, Complex Adaptive and Mobility Aids. The eligible benefits include specific equipment in the following categories:

Basic Adaptive Aids – basic adaptive ambulation aids, basic adaptive bathroom aids, basic adaptive transfer aids, other basic adaptive aids

Complex Adaptive Aids – complex ambulation aids, complex bathroom aids, complex stability aids, complex transfer aids, therapeutic sleep aids and complex ADL positioning.

Mobility Aids: manual mobility aids, power mobility aids and positioning aids for mobility aids.

Each piece of eligible equipment has specific administrative, business and clinical eligibility criteria which must be met in order for the client to be eligible for the loan.

There is no cost to eligible clients for entitled services.

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