Government of New Brunswick


Career development services refer to a wide range of programs and services which have, as their purpose and objective, individuals gaining the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours to manage their learning, work and transitions in self-directed and meaningful ways across their lifespan.


Career development services are offered to all clients receiving social assistance who have potential for employment.


As part of a career development plan this department may offer or refer a client to the following:
- Literacy (CALP)
- Academic Upgrading
- Career Information Centre
- Employment Programs and Services (Work Services)
- Employability Assessment
- Case planning

Clients of social assistance interested in academic upgrading should speak to their case manager about a referral. The Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labor (PETL) in partnership with Social Development deliver this service. Supports may be available to cover such costs as tuition, books, transportation and daycare.

If you are not a client of social assistance and are interested in the service, you can approach the local regional office of PETL for information on access and supports.