Government of New Brunswick


Nursing home services are intended for individuals who are medically stable and who need nursing care. Services in nursing homes emphasize the resident's physical, social and psychological independence. These services include resident care, resident support, plant and maintenance and general administration. Nursing homes are staff with registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, resident attendants, dieticians, personnel in laundry, kitchen, activation, rehabilitation, maintenance and administration.


This department must approve all admissions to nursing homes. Staff from the department will determine a person's eligibility by looking at their long term health care and social needs. Going into a nursing home is voluntary. If a person can afford to pay their nursing home costs, they must do so. If a person feels they cannot afford the costs, they can apply to this department for a subsidy.


There are 70 licensed nursing homes in the province's eight regions with 4925 beds. Most nursing homes are independently owned by a board of directors and are formed under the provinces Companies Act, as non-profit organizations. The breakdown of the location of the nursing homes is as follows:

Region 1 - South East - 16
Region 2 - South West - 16
Region 3 - Central - 17
Region 4 - North West - 5
Region 5 - Restigouche - 2
Region 6 - Chaleur - 3
Region 7 - Miramichi - 5
Region 8 - North East - 6

The Nursing Home Services Branch of this department is responsible for the Nursing Home Program, with actual nursing home services being provided through licensed nursing homes.

The department's objectives related to nursing home services are to improve resident's quality of life, help safeguard their dignity, and ensure that appropriate, quality residential services are provided as efficiently as possible within resources. This is accomplished by ensuring the 67 nursing homes comply with the Nursing Homes Act, the Regulations under the Act, and departmental standards and policies; by managing the size, structure and general operations of the nursing home system; by effecting appropriate linkages with the rest of the health and community services network; and, by subsidizing eligible residents.

Nursing homes are inspected on an annual basis.

Effective April 1, 2014, the maximum amount to be paid by nursing home residents is $113 per day. This daily cost covers room and board services. The average monthly payment would be approximately $3437.

Most nursing home residents are entitled to receive medications approved under the New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program at no cost. Residents in receipt of provincial assistance from this department are entitled to retain a personal comfort and clothing allowance. The comfort and clothing allowance covers expenses associated with personal items, clothing, medications not covered by the New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program and over the counter medications not routinely supplied by the nursing home. Residents who are subsidized are also entitled to a health card providing such benefits as eye glasses, hearing aid and other specific health supplies and are eligible to access the HST rebate.