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Opening of Sealed Adoption Records

Thank you for your input, the consultation period is now closed.  The Public Response Paper outlines the input received during the citizen engagement process.  

New Brunswick has maintained adoption records for over 100 years. Under current legislation, the Family Services Act, adoption records are sealed and the identities of children, birth parents and adoptive parents are protected.

Societal views of adoption have varied over the years and at one point it was believed that information concerning adoption should be confidential to protect all parties involved.

The provincial government recognizes that attitudes among New Brunswickers about adoption are changing.

Based on research into best practices and a jurisdictional review, the provincial government is proposing to modernize the Post-Adoption Disclosure Registry.

The Department of Social Development is proposing to open sealed adoption records to give adult adoptees and biological parent(s) access to information identifying each other if certain criteria are met.

Sealed adoption records in New Brunswick would be opened to permit the following after the adoptee’s 19th birthday:

  • Birth parent(s) could receive a copy of the adoption order that would include the adoptee’s name following adoption.
  • Adoptees could receive a copy of their original birth registration with their birth name and the names of their biological parent(s) that may be on file.

It is also proposed that adoptees or birth parent(s) involved in adoptions finalized prior to enacting legislation, and who do not want their identifying information released, would have the option to file a disclosure veto to keep their adoption records sealed.


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The citizen engagement process on opening of sealed adoption records has now concluded.

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Pages are now closed for comment. The Public Response Paper outlines the input received during the citizen engagement process