Government of New Brunswick

The public safety crime dashboard provides police-reported crime information and the crime severity index for the past five years. Information from the dashboard comes from Statistics Canada.

You will be able to see information on different violation categories including:

  • Violations against Persons,
  • Violations against Property,
  • Criminal Code Traffic Violations,
  • Other Criminal Code Violations and
  • Drug Violations.

Information can be broken down and filtered by:

  • Police force
  • Year
  • Violation type

General Inquiries:

New Brunswick’s Crime Severity Index (CSI), increased by approximately 6% between 2020 and 2021 and is 29% higher than what it was 5 years ago. New Brunswick’s CSI has been the highest of the Atlantic provinces for 5 consecutive years and, is also 20% higher than the CSI in Canada.

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Crime Severity Index (CSI):
  The CSI measures changes in the level of severity of crime in Canada from year to year. In the index, all crimes are assigned a weight based on their seriousness. The level of seriousness is based on actual sentences handed down by the courts in all provinces and territories. More serious crimes are assigned higher weights, less serious offences lower weights. As a result, more serious offences have a greater impact on changes in the index.

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