Government of New Brunswick

Transparency and accessibility are at the heart of New Brunswick’s justice system.

The Access to Court Records Guideline is designed to assist anyone navigating the process of accessing records at Provincial Court and Court of King’s Bench.

The guidelines are provided by the Department of Justice and Public Safety, Court Services Division, and are posted online to enhance public access to court records. Policies and guidelines regarding access to court records are periodically reviewed and updated, subject to the direction of the judiciary.

There is a wide range of requests for court records received by the courts every day. They differ in their nature and the records involved. It would be impossible to anticipate all the types of requests. These guidelines summarize how court staff can be expected to respond to the most commonly encountered access requests. In providing specific direction for the most common situations, these guidelines are intended to enhance consistency of operations between court locations.

The material provided here is the same as the material on public access to court records provided to court staff.

To streamline the process, the Access to Court Records request form must be completed for any third-party request to view a file. This form is an essential step in ensuring a standardized and efficient procedure. Please be advised that in certain instances, a fee may apply for accessing a court file. Refer to Attachment A of the Access to Court Records Guideline for a list of fees.