Government of New Brunswick

Emergency responders work hard to keep us safe, and we need to make sure they can work safely as well. 

As of Jan. 1, 2013, under the Motor Vehicle Act:

When an emergency vehicle is stopped on the highway and has its flashing lights on,
New Brunswick drivers MUST:

  • Slow down and proceed with caution;
  • Make sure it’s safe to proceed, then move over to the left, away from the vehicle.
  • If there are two or more lanes of traffic, the driver must move into another lane
    if it can be done safely.

This will ensure that drivers won’t collide with an authorized emergency vehicle, or endanger anyone outside the emergency vehicle.


What is an authorized emergency vehicle?


  • a vehicle operated by a police officer or designated peace officer
  • a fire department or fire fighting vehicle
  • ambulance

What penalties are involved?

The fine for not slowing down and moving over for an emergency vehicle is $292.50 and three demerit points.