Government of New Brunswick

Job protection is now in place, retroactively to March 12, for those who are not able to work because they have COVID-19, are caring for a person with whom they have a close family relationship who has COVID-19 or are following self-isolation or quarantine protocols as directed by public health.

The regulation also provides job protection for employees who cannot report to work because they are caring for their children due to school or daycare closures.

Employees must request this emergency leave in writing to their employers as soon as possible. The request must include the reason for the leave, the anticipated start date and the duration of the leave.

Employers are not required to pay employees while they are on a leave due to COVID-19.

More information on job protection is available here.

Job protection provisions are not related to Employment Insurance (EI), and one does not necessarily have an impact on the other. Questions about EI benefits can be directed to the federal government.