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GED is a testing program for adults that is recognized by employers and institutions as the equivalent of a high school diploma.


The Canadian version of the GED has been canceled by GED Testing Services. It will end on 3 May 2024.

Please refer to this page for information on the Canadian Adult Education Credential, which will replace the GED in 2024.

There is no effect on the validity of GED credentials that have been completed. The value of your completed GED will not change.

For more information, please contact [email protected] or call (506) 444-2525.



GED Booklet

GED is an international testing program for adults who have been unable to complete high school. We recognize that adults acquire knowledge, skills, and concepts through working, training, travelling, reading, and other informal learning. GED Tests measure the level of “educational maturity”, gained through experience, which is often equal to, or above, the level of a high school graduate.

GED Tests are available in Canada, the United States, and in some foreign countries.  


Transcript/Diploma Request

If you require a GED transcript and/or diploma, the request and payment must be submitted to Service New Brunswick (SNB). Choose from the following options:

  • Online
  • By telephone at 1.888.762.8600
  • In person at nearest SNB office

The cost for a duplicate diploma is $10.00 and transcript is $5.00.

If you want the document(s) sent to someone else other than yourself, you will be required to provide: NAME OF THE PERSON OR INSTITUTION, MAILING ADDRESS AND FAX (If applicable).




Request for Testing Accommodations

Tests for people with disabilities

Special arrangements may be made for candidates who, due to physical, psychological or learning disabilities, may not have the ability or aptitude to perform the tests under standard test conditions.

Some accommodations are available upon request; however, to make a request for testing accommodations to write the tests will require additional documentation to be filled out by a health professional or others.

Please click on one of the links below to access the form corresponding to your needs. The Accommodation Request Form must be filled out and returned with the GED Test Application Form when you request testing accommodations.