Government of New Brunswick
United Nations' International Day of Persons with Disabilities

The priority of the Government of New Brunswick is job creation and GNB is working with the private sector and others to create jobs and grow the economy. This is a necessary step as together we work to make New Brunswick the best place to live, work and raise a family.

The Premier has asked you to meet with him to brainstorm how we can grow opportunities for persons with a disability to become employed, and to identify how we can work better together to move New Brunswick forward.

Over many years, NB has undertaken numerous strategies and plans aimed at improving employment for persons with a disability.

While progress has been made through a wide array of community or government programs, and the investment of substantial amounts of money, more still needs to be done to improve employment for persons with a disability in NB.

The Vision and Guiding Principles of the Employment Action Plan (EAP) in 2012 remain supportable today, as does the reasoning that led to them.  These are still fundamental and vital to improving employment for persons with a disability and why this Summit has been organized.

The EAP Guiding Principles begin by stating “consultation, engagement, and collaboration with persons with a disability, disability organizations and employers, and with diverse populations such as First Nations people, the Deaf community, newcomers, and official language populations is fundamental to the successful implementation of the Employment Action Plan”.

With this in mind, stakeholders are now faced with some key questions.  These include:

1) What are the growth opportunities for employment for persons with a disability in NB?

2) What are the conditions for success to move forward on this in NB?

3) What are the next steps stakeholders and government must take to improve employment for
    persons with a disability?