Government of New Brunswick

Everyone is at risk for developing a heat related illness

Young and healthy individuals can be affected by extreme heat if they engage in moderate to strenuous physical activities.

Extreme heat in several U.S. cities, and most recently in Europe, has been linked with thousands of deaths, mostly among vulnerable people. However, everyone is at risk for developing a heat related illness. Illnesses and deaths are preventable if actions are taken to stay cool and hydrated. If extreme heat is forecast, visit older family members, neighbours and friends, especially the chronically ill, to make sure they are cool and hydrated.

In New Brunswick, a notice of extreme heat may be issued based on values of the Humidex provided by Environment Canada.

Most vulnerable persons

The most vulnerable persons during extreme heat are:

  • older adults;
  • people with chronic conditions such as:

• heart disease;
• breathing difficulties;
• diabetes;
• high blood pressure;
• kidney disorders;
• mental illnesses (such as, depression)
• On-going debilitative diseases,( Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s);

  • people who are using certain medications;
  • infants and young children;
  • people living in a top floor apartment with no air conditioner
  •  homeless people;
  • people who are overweight; and
  • people who exercise or work in the heat.

Ask your doctor, pharmacist or nurse if your medications increase your sensitivity to heat. A partial list of medications is provided for your reference.

Be protected

Seek medical attention if you experience symptoms that are out of the ordinary: heavy sweating, paleness, muscle cramps, faintness, fatigue, dizziness, headache or nausea.