Government of New Brunswick

Public Health Information Solution (PHIS) is a comprehensive, integrated public health information system designed for public health professionals. The system helps professionals work together more effectively to manage vaccine inventories and immunizations.

Preventing and managing outbreaks of notifiable diseases, such as COVID, SARS, influenza, H1N1, and whooping cough, is crucial to ensuring the health and safety of New Brunswick residents.

The Public Health Information Solution (PHIS) is an electronic health record system that securely stores information and allows authorized public health providers to document public health services you may receive in New Brunswick. PHIS helps to protect public health by providing a secure, integrated solution that supports the delivery of publicly-funded immunizations in New Brunswick. PHIS consists of two key components:

  • Inventory Management: PHIS allows Public Health to efficiently and accurately plan, requisition and manage the supply of vaccines and other immunizing agents to ensure that appropriate levels are available when and where they are needed while minimizing wastage.

  • Immunization Management: PHIS maintains a comprehensive, up-to-date repository of immunization information pertaining to anyone receiving publicly-funded immunizations in New Brunswick, enabling Public Health officials to record, monitor, forecast and plan for the delivery of immunizations.