FREDERICTON, (GNB) – The provincial government and the Nurses Association of New Brunswick announced that seats have been confirmed for New Brunswick graduate nurses who wish to write the Quebec nursing entry exam.

“We are pleased to see this commitment,” said Health Minister Bruce Fitch. “Ensuring all qualified nursing graduates have a direct pathway to become fully licensed is one more way to help us as we focus on efforts to both recruit and retain health professionals from our province. I also want to thank my colleague, Local Government and Local Governance Reform Minister Daniel Allain, for his work in helping with this initiative.”

“Government is working as a team, and I am pleased to have been able to help confirm this pathway to registration for graduate nurses from New Brunswick,” said Allain. “I thank both l’Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec and the Nurses Association of New Brunswick for their collaboration and commitment to simplify the process. This is another important tool that will help us tackle the challenges that our health system is facing.”

Information explaining the opportunity to write the nursing entry exam is provided each year to graduate nurses applying to become registered in New Brunswick.

In collaboration with the Université de Moncton, the Nurses Association of New Brunswick has added resources to their website for those studying for the Quebec exam.

“The association has always supported and recognized the Quebec entry exam as one option for meeting nursing registration requirements in New Brunswick,” said executive director Laurie Janes. “Graduates may feel more comfortable writing the Quebec exam which is supported by our association bylaws which align with the labour mobility provisions of the Canadian Free Trade Act.”

Upon successful completion of the Quebec entry exam, graduate nurses would be required to complete their registration process in New Brunswick through a new simplified process.