EDMUNDSTON (GNB) – Health Minister Victor Boudreau participated in Edmundston today in the New Brunswick Family Plan summit on improving access to primary and acute care.

“Your government is listening and knows that the availability and delivery of health services have a significant impact on the quality of life of the people of our province,” said Boudreau. “To have a sustainable health-care system with better health outcomes, there must be a shift from a systems approach to an approach focused on patients living healthy lives in their communities.”

Boudreau participated in the summit which brought together representatives from the health care community.

Discussions focused on initiatives and actions that could help improve access to primary and acute care with the following areas of focus:

  • Shifting the focus from hospital-based care to preventative interventions, primary health care and access to care in the community.
  • Better access to patient-focused care through interdisciplinary teams as part of an integrated treatment framework.
  • Managing chronic disease and providing better access to prescription drugs.
  • Leveraging expertise and resources to increase capacity in the health-care system.
  • Facilitating access to programs and services in the health-care system.

“We are excited to provide the voice of New Brunswickers in this process,” said Stéphane Robichaud, CEO of the New Brunswick Health Council. “The recently-published results from our hospital experience survey, and the results from the primary health survey that is currently underway, along with results from the two previous cycles, will form a baseline residents can use to express their priorities and to measure the progress of these new initiatives.”

The recently-launched New Brunswick Family Plan Framework is intended to complement the Economic Growth Plan and 10-year education plans and aims to ensure that families are supported, resulting in a healthier province. The framework includes a stakeholder engagement process.

Summits will be held throughout the province to assist in the development of the New Brunswick Family Plan.

The New Brunswick Family Plan Framework focuses government action in seven priority areas: improving access to primary and acute care; promoting wellness; supporting people with mental health challenges; fostering healthy aging and support for seniors; advancing women’s equality; reducing poverty; and supporting people with disabilities.