Government of New Brunswick

Capital budget theme: a plan that works for New Brunswickers

FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government will invest $815.3 million in public infrastructure in 2018-19 including a record $12.6 million in tourism infrastructure.

“Your government’s capital budget is a plan that works for New Brunswickers,” said Finance Minister Cathy Rogers. “Today’s multi-year capital plan will continue through 2020 and will make our roads safer, improve our schools and hospitals, and contribute to sustained economic growth.”

New investments total $28.1 million while $787.2 million is earmarked for maintenance and the continuation of previously announced projects.

“Your government has updated its multi-year plans annually and made adjustments where required to recognize today’s priorities, tomorrow’s needs and to leverage other funding sources, including our federal partners,” said Rogers. “We have also been consistent in our approach and strategic in our decision-making. Some would argue that we cannot afford these investments. Your government believes that we cannot afford the consequences of skipping these critical investments.”

The government will invest in a multi-year approach to upgrading tourism infrastructure. It will invest $12.6 million on parks, trails, historic sites, and other tourism infrastructure. This represents a 19.1 per cent increase over the level of investment last year.

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