Government of New Brunswick

Roland Lovesey

Ramsey Brook Project

Commodity: Base metals

Claim block number (units): 9500, 9499, 9407 (41)

NTS Location: 21 O/07, O/10

Contact Information: 506-252-9244
[email protected]




In 2018 PROSPECTAIR conducted a heliborne magnetic (MAG) and time-domain electromagnetic (TDEM) survey for the mineral exploration company International Cobalt Corp. on its Ramsay Property, located in the Portage Lakes area, Restigouche County, Province of New Brunswick (Figure 1). The following narratives are directly from the Prospectair Report indicated by quotations.

Each of these exploration targets was assigned an ID number. See Figure 2 and 12.

“Targets 7, 8, 9 and 10 include magnetic anomalies with similar characteristics (near folds and N-S to NW-SE faults, without concomitant EM responses) but located further away from the Malachite and Ramsay-Pitre showings, towards the southwest”

Four soil lines were completed to test the mag anomalies. Block # 9500 (Access from RTE 180at Tardif Brook) Results were nominal over possible fault zones

“Target 12 consists of a swarm of marginal to intermediate EM anomalies, with many showing partial correlation to subtle magnetic anomalies. (Access off RTE 180)

One soil line was completed to test the western extension of the Target 12 “Possible regional shear alignments.” Block # 9407. Results showed Cu, Zn and Co low anomalous values over possible fault zones

Two soil lines were completed on Target 13 “Possible regional shear alignments.” Block # 9499 (Access from RTE 180 north on the Dalhousie Road). Results showed low Zn results over potential fault zones.

Visits to anomalous soil targets are planned for this fall.