Government of New Brunswick

The following conditions generally apply to a peat extraction operation located on Crown land:

  • Permission to cut wood within a peat lease must be obtained from the local Forest Ranger District Office.
  • A minimum setback of 50 m must be maintained between peat workings and adjacent private land unless there is a written agreement between the peat lessee and the adjacent landowner.
  • Appropriate approval is required from the Department of Environment and Local Government (i.e. Watercourse Alteration Permit, Certificate of Approval to Operate) before extracting any peat from a peat lease.
  • Operators shall be aware that WorkSafeNB has regulations addressing the safe operation of equipment in a peat extraction operation.
  • All operators are required to have a reclamation plan approved by the Minister of Natural Resources and Energy Development and to rehabilitate the area they have worked within a Crown peat lease.