Government of New Brunswick

Geophysics has long been used for the exploration of minerals and hydrocarbons in New Brunswick. The 1950s discovery and delineation of the world-famous base metal deposits in the Bathurst Mining Camp occurred largely because prospectors were able to apply several newly developed geophysical techniques.

The Geological Surveys Branch (GSB) manages its Geophysical Program in close co-operation with other government agencies and academic institutes. The program’s key objective is to provide high-quality geophysical data for mineral and hydrocarbon exploration.

The GSB sponsors various types of geophysical surveys to:

  • augment geological mapping programs in New Brunswick;
  • promote and aid exploration for mineral and hydrocarbon resources; and
  • provide Government and the private sector with geophysical data for groundwater studies, land use planning, and other engineering applications.

The GSB collaborates with the Geophysics Division of the Geological Survey of Canada to develop and maintain a geophysical database for New Brunswick. The database includes both digital and analog information obtained from government and industry surveys.

Surveys and Maps
Information for the Geophysical surveys is available both digitally and in printed formats.