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How do I obtain a prospecting licence?

A prospecting licence can be obtained via the NB e-CLAIMS application and is issued once for lifetime. Applicants must be 19 years or older and are required to pay an application fee:

 Type of Licence Fee ($)
 Individual 100
 Partnership 200
 Corporation 500

Applicants are required to print their licence and sign it to validate it. Please note, that if, you already have a prospecting licence and you have received your User Name and Password from the Recorder’s office prior to application launch, you do not need to apply for another one via NB e-CLAIMS. Your prospecting licence will be activated as soon as you log in to the application. If you have not received your User Name and Password from the Recorder’s office, please call 506-453-3826 or e-mail [email protected] and your request will be dealt with promptly.

How do I pay?

All transactions to be completed via NB e-CLAIMS require online payment by credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Payment other than by credit card may be done at Fredericton’s office and with the Recorder’s approval.

How do I get a Mining Lease in New Brunswick?

You must contact the Minister of Natural Resources and Energy Development (NRED) by letter requesting a mining lease for a specific area. The minister will reply detailing what would be required before issuance of the lease. The essential requirements are a feasibility study, mine and reclamation plan and reclamation security. These would be reviewed through the Mine Approval Process by NRED and the Standing Committee on Mining and the Environment. The mine and reclamation plan is also submitted to EIA registration and review. After approval, a survey by a New Brunswick land surveyor is required upon which two original copies of the lease is forwarded to the company for signature and payment of first year rental and submission of the security. The two copies of the lease are returned to the Minister for signing and one copy then returned back to the company.

What do I need a Mining Lease for?

A mining lease is required to extract any mineral in the province (as defined in the Mining Act) not including extraction of: sand, gravel, ordinary stone, clay or soil unless it is to be used for its chemical or special physical properties, or where it is taken for contained minerals; peat or peat moss; bituminous shale, oil shale, or albertite; and oil or natural gas.

How do I find out about financial incentive programs for prospectors or Junior Mining companies?

Minerals Exploration Assistance Program Coordinator
PO Box 6000
Fredericton NB E3B 5H1
Tel: (506) 453-3826 Fax: (506) 453-3671
Email: [email protected]

A company is exploring for oil and natural gas in our area. Do I own the oil and natural gas under my one hundred acre farm?

No. All oil and natural gas is owned by the Crown in the right of province. Anyone wishing to explore and develop those resources must do so in accordance with the Oil and Natural Gas Act.

How is the removal of Quarriable Substances (sand, gravel, bedrock, etc.) from Crown Land regulated within the Province?

The Minister of Natural Resources and Energy Development controls the extraction of quarriable substances from Crown Land and that area of the shore that lies within three hundred metres above and three hundred metres below the ordinary high water mark through the Quarriable Substances Act and Regulation 93-92.

Do I need a permit or authorization before I can remove quarriable substances from pits and quarries located on Crown Land?

Yes, it is illegal to remove more than one half cubic metre of material from a pit or quarry located on Crown Land without first obtaining a quarry permit.

How do I apply for a quarry permit?

You can apply for a quarry permit at the nearest District Rangers Office.

Do I pay royalty on the quarriable substances I remove?

Yes, you pay royalty at a rate prescribed by the Minister.

Where can I obtain information regarding pit and quarry locations on Crown Land?

You can contact the Minerals and Petroleum Branch of the Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development.