Government of New Brunswick
Image of shale

The Albert Formation is exposed over an area of about 340 km2 (34 000 ha) and comprises about 9% of the total surface area of the Moncton Subbasin. About 1300 hectares or 4% of the surface area of the Albert Formation contains oil shale beds in sufficient quantity and/or thickness to comprise the major rock type in the local section. Sufficient data are available for the Rosevale, Dover and Albert Mines areas of Albert and Westmorland counties of southeastern New Brunswick to estimate that the oil yield from beds 10-20 m thick may range from 80 to 100 L/t.

All bituminous shale, bituminous shale products and bituminous shale by-products are owned by the Crown. Persons wishing to enter upon crown lands or upon lands other than crown lands for the purpose of exploring in any manner whatsoever for bituminous shale must first obtain permission from the owner of such lands.

Act and Regulations pertaining to Bituminous Shale exploration can be obtained from the Department of Justice and Office of the Attorney General website.