Government of New Brunswick

 Licence to Search
A licence to search entitles the holder to explore for bituminous shale in the area granted under the licence. The licensee must pay an annual rent of $0.25/ha/yr and undertake exploratory work equal to the tendered value of the work.

A licence to search is issued for an initial term of three years and may be renewed for a maximum of two consecutive annual periods. During the term of the licence, a licensee wishing to conduct bituminous shale development work, up to and including pilot plant tests or schemes within the licence area, may select to be included in his development permit, all or a portion of his licence area which shall consist of a single block.

Development Permit
A development permit provides the holder with the exclusive right to produce or cause to be produced bituminous shale, bituminous shale products and bituminous shale by-products on the selected portion of the licence area. The permittee must pay an annual rent of $1.25/ha/yr and undertake development work equal to the amount prescribed by regulation.

A development permit is valid for an initial term of one year and may be renewed for a maximum of four consecutive annual periods.

A permittee may apply for a lease after taking into consideration the extent and nature of the bituminous shale proven, the proposed capacity of the plant or other works to be constructed and the requirements for operation of the plant for a period of at least thirty years. The lessee must pay an annual rental fee of $2.50/ha.

A lease is granted for an initial term of ten years with the right of renewal for consecutive ten year periods.

Reporting Requirements
The holder of a licence to search or a development permit shall submit, within the time frame established by regulations, a report containing a statement with respect to the total expenditures made by the licensee or development permittee and other information obtained during the term of their agreements.

An agreement holder may transfer all or a portion of his/her agreement by submitting a completed application to transfer as provided for in the regulation.