Government of New Brunswick

Water is one of our most precious and fragile resources. Clean water - necessary for drinking, recreation and survival of aquatic life - can only be maintained if we use it wisely. We all have a responsibility to keep it clean.

Discharging Wastewater from Pleasure Craft:

All pleasure craft equipped with onboard toilets should also be equipped with holding tanks to store toilet wastewater. This storage equipment should have deck fittings and piping for removal of toilet waste at shore-based marine pump-out stations.

Portable toilets should be secured to the boat and adapted to the deck fitting for shore-based pump-out. On-board sanitary facilities should be kept in good operating condition.

Keeping Our Waterways Clean:

When fishing and boating, do not throw garbage overboard. Keep it properly contained until you reach an on-shore disposal site and take any returnable beverage containers to a redemption centre.

When re-fueling your boat, take care to avoid spilling gas into the water or on shore.

If you see someone polluting our waterways, or come across pollution in the water, or on shore, report these incidents to the nearest regional office of the New Brunswick Department of Environment:

  • Bathurst Region
  • Fredericton Region
  • Grand Falls Region


  • Miramichi Region
  • Moncton Region
  • Saint John Region