Government of New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a leader in taking action on climate change.  New Brunswick’s Climate Change Action Plan Transitioning to a Low-Carbon Economy launched in December 2016 and is already showing results.

The Action Plan includes 118 actions each led by a provincial government department. 

The Progress Report is presented in two separate reports:

  1. New Brunswick’s Climate Change Action Plan Progress Report 2020
    The main Progress Report document features an overview of provincial climate action and highlights specific actions taken since the launch of the 2016 Action Plan.

  2. New Brunswick’s Climate Change Action Plan Progress Report 2020: Detailed Summary
    The detailed summary report includes a complete list of the 118 actions, their lead provincial government department, status and a description of their progress to March 2020.   Also included in the detailed summary is the National Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory Report data for New Brunswick which outlines the latest available data for the province’s annual GHG emissions. Here, New Brunswick’s annual emissions are broken down by sectors showing the trend of emissions and the percentage each sector contributes to the overall provincial GHG emissions.