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The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Bring Your Own Device program for students in grades 9 to 12, commences in September 2020. Under this program students are required to have their own device that they will bring to school.

The Laptop Subsidy Program can be accessed by low to middle income families in order to assist in the purchase of laptops.


The eligibility criteria and potential assistance to support the purchase of new devices are in the Eligibility document in the Related Links section.


All the minimum recommended specifications for the devices are in the Device Specifications document in the Related Links section.

Parents are asked to ensure the device meets the minimum recommended specifications as described in the link above. This is to ensure students best experience with the online learning platforms that will be used to support education, in and out of the classroom. These platforms, which are provided by the department, include: Microsoft Teams, Desire 2 Learn/Clic. The specifications are higher for new devices as these are intended to ensure the device will last through high school. Students will continue to benefit from free access to Office 365 on their device.

How to Apply for Assistance if eligible:

1. Before applying, you will require the following information:
a. Electronic copies of your 2019 Notice of Assessments and/or your last 4 consecutive pay stubs must be attached to your application. Documents could be scanned, copied, or a photo of the document may be attached.
b. The New Brunswick Education Number NBEN of each child in grades 9–12
c. Detailed invoices for purchases made after March 16, 2020

2. To apply, please click on Parent Portal in the Related Links section.
a. NOTE – The application is a one-time use only form, so please ensure you are applying for assistance of all children in grades 9–12 at the same time.
b. You will need to create a Parent Portal Account (if you have not done so already).

3. Once you have submitted the application, your information will be validated. Once validated, eligible applicants will receive a code via email enabling them to obtain a credit not exceeding the cost of the new device(s). The email will provide details to assist in completing the purchase of a laptop through IMP Solutions.

What if I am ineligible and need a device?

If you are ineligible to receive a subsidy based on the above table but would like to take advantage of a discounted price, you may still purchase your computer through IMP Solutions. You may access their site at An email was sent to parents with a unique code to enter when completing the online order. If you didn’t receive the email, you can contact us at 1-833-901-1963. Please note that this site will not be operational until August 17, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – coming soon

For enquiries on the program, you may contact us at 1 833 901-1963 or by email at