Government of New Brunswick

As per subsection 31.6(1) and 31.7 of the Education Act, the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development will publish information related to found investigations of serious professional misconduct by school personnel or volunteers within the New Brunswick public school system. The information will not be published until after the review process has been completed or expired.

Name of the School personnel or volunteer School District Date of the allegations Date findings were reported Disciplinary Action
James Carpenter Tonning (Volunteer) Anglophone School District – South 11/17/21 12/31/21 Anglophone School District South has issued a no trespass order and has removed Mr. Tonning from the school districts volunteer eligibility list.

Troy Hansen

Anglophone School District – North 04/19/22 03/20/23 Not applicable as Mr. Hansen was employed by a District contractor
Julie Lynn (MacCallum) Murphy Anglophone School District – West 09/21/21 04/21/23 Termination
Mark Peters Anglophone School District – South 02/09/23 04/19/23 Termination
Robin Christie Anglophone School District - East 03/29/23 09/05/23 Reprimand Letter
Corey Harvey Anglophone School District - West 06/30/23 12/01/23 Termination