Government of New Brunswick

Student is able to speak the language with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary to participate effectively in most formal, and in all informal conversations, on practical, social, and academic or work-related topics. Can describe in detail and narrate accurately. Can discuss abstract topics and ideas as well as events; can support opinions and hypothesize. Accent may be obvious but never interferes with understanding. Control of grammar is good and speech is fluent. Sporadic errors still occur, but they would not distract a native speaker or interfere with communication.


Intermediate Plus

Student is able to satisfy the requirements of a broad variety of everyday, school, and work situations. Can discuss concrete topics relating to special fields of competence as well as subjects of current public interest. Normally does not have to search for words. Often shows a significant degree of fluency and ease in speaking, yet, under pressure, may experience language breakdown. May exhibit good control of language structures, but be limited in overall language production; or, conversely, may demonstrate ample speech production, but have uneven control of structures. Some misunderstandings will still occur.



Student is able to satisfy routine social demands and limited requirements in school/work settings. Can provide information and give explanations with some degree of accuracy, but language is awkward. Can handle most common social situations, including introductions and casual conversations about events in school and community; able to provide autobiographical information in some detail. Can give directions from one place to another; can give accurate instructions in a field of personal expertise. Has a speaking vocabulary sufficient to converse simply, with some paraphrasing. Accent, though often quite faulty, is intelligible. Uses high frequency language structures accurately, but does not have a thorough or confident control of grammar. In certain situations, diction would probably distract a native speaker.