Government of New Brunswick

Thank you for your input, the consultation period is now closed.

Our government is committed to improving our education system with the goal of graduating bilingual high school students in both sectors. According to the Auditor General, of the 1,624 students who entered into an early immersion program in 2005, only 10% achieved the goal of advanced or above by the end of grade 12 in 2017. Growing this number will require ongoing consultation with the public, and engagement of education experts as we map a pathway to success. Clearly, the many programs that have been attempted over the years have not generated results that allow all students to function comfortably in both official languages. We must be innovative in our thinking and ready to act on well-developed strategies that will give all of our high school graduates the language skills they need to be successful in their future.

This survey is only the first step. It is part of a bigger plan as we pursue our goal of building a world-class education system through all grade levels and across all curriculum areas. We know that learning additional languages will serve our students well in the future, and we must not settle for less than conversational competencies in both official languages.

The current French Immersion program is facing substantial challenges that have been compounded by the move to the grade one entry point.