Government of New Brunswick

The Pay Equity Bureau is responsible for the central administration of the Pay Equity Act. The responsibility, however, lies with each public body to implement and maintain pay equity within their own organization.

The Pay Equity Bureau is legislated to monitor and review the implementation and maintenance of pay equity within the public sector and to provide leadership and expertise on pay equity policy related issues. The bureau will:

  • provide information with respect to pay equity to any employee, employer or bargaining agent;
  • provide assistance and advice to employers, employees and bargaining agents in implementing or maintaining pay equity;
  • request information from employers in order to monitor the progress of implementation and maintenance of pay equity;
  • review the process and provide assistance to employers who have completed or who are in the process of completing implementation of pay equity;
  • prepare and maintain statistics relating to pay equity;
  • prepare and disseminate educational material relating to pay equity;
  • provide assistance and oversee the pay equity process required to be undertaken by an employer and affected bargaining agents; and
  • provide information, assistance and advice to any employer, employees and bargaining agents not covered by the act.