Government of New Brunswick

The province of New Brunswick offers recruitment incentives to Medical Residents and  newly recruited family physicians looking to establish a full-time community-based practice, Emergency Room physicians and Specialists in designated fields.

To receive a provincial incentive, physicians must meet eligibility criteria. Physicians must also have received and accepted an employment offer from one of the regional health authorities (Horizon Health Network or the Vitalité Health Network) and agree to sign a return-of-service agreement to practice in New Brunswick.

For more information on the recruitment incentives program, please visit:  Recruitment incentives for New Physicians and Medical Residents

Family Medicine New Brunswick is a new model of family medicine that aims to improve patient access, increase collaboration between physicians using technology, and create a better work-life balance for physicians. For the first year a new physician joins the program they will receive a guaranteed minimum remuneration of $175,000. For more information on the Family Medicine New Brunswick program, please contact the New Brunswick Medical Society.  

Physicians who are invited for a recruitment site visit will be eligible for travel reimbursement costs by the regional health authority, in accordance with existing policies in the province. Newly recruited physicians may also be eligible for reimbursement of relocation costs of up to $8,000.

Under the fee-for service retention fund, fee-for-service physicians accumulate shares for each year of service within the province of New Brunswick.  A fee-for-service physician who has worked in New Brunswick for a minimum of 15 years is eligible to receive a lump-sum payment on the basis of accumulated shares. Shares are determined by practice location and payment is made once their Medicare billing number has been surrendered. For more information on the retention fund, please contact the New Brunswick Medical Society.