Government of New Brunswick


Regional Agri-Business Development is the delivery of this department's programs and services in the regions through Development Officers specializing in Livestock and Crop Development and Market Development. The service includes Agri-Cluster Development Officers whose mandate is the development and evaluation of value-chain growth opportunities in the livestock, crop and bio-products sectors.


Livestock producers, Crop producers, Agri-Business, Domestic Marketers.


The Regional Agri-Business Development provides a regional contact service for information (and delivery) on provincial departmental programs, initiatives and programming under federal/provincial agreements. Advisory services include technical agronomic information and training, business development,domestic market development and value chain information, business and production risk management, and, resource management. Advisory expertise includes crop and animal agriculture, adding value to products, agri-tourism and bio-product production. Staff work directly with various levels of the industry (associations, councils, agencies and producers) to promote development in priority sectors that are strategic on a regional or provincial basis.