Government of New Brunswick


Provides services to seniors and adults with disabilities who are victims of abuse or neglect. Abuse can be physical, sexual or mental cruelty. Neglect can be self-neglect or caused by others.


All situations where there is reason to believe that a person is a neglected adult or an abused adult are investigated. If services are required and the client's mental competency does not enable him/her to recognize this and accept the needed services, the department may apply to the Court to seek appropriate legal authority to protect vulnerable individuals.


Once abuse or neglect is confirmed, appropriate services are offered, and may be provided through Adult Protection or another departmental program if voluntarily accepted by the client. A mentally competent client does have the right to refuse services if he/she so chooses.

Financial exploitation is not recognized in the Family Services Act as abuse at this time. Therefore, individuals acting on behalf of the Minister do not have the authority to intervene in situations involving financial exploitation unless it is accompanied by abuse or neglect as defined in the Act.

Adult Protection referrals can be made 24 hours a day 7 days a week by calling the closest Regional Office.