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Tele-Care is a free, bilingual and confidential telephone service. Registered Nurses provide telephone triage and information for non-urgent health concerns to enable callers to make informed health decisions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Note: The service can handle Tele-typewriting or Text telephone (TTY) calls.


Any individual calling from within New Brunswick.


Tele-Care Services include:

Tele-Triage line - Through a telephone interview a Registered Nurse collects pertinent information and assesses caller health needs. Based on this assessment the Registered Nurse will provide symptom-specific information for self-care, when appropriate, or offer information that assists the caller in choosing an appropriate source of care for their symptoms or situation such as making an appointment with the caller's doctor, going to a clinic, contacting a community service or going to a hospital emergency room.

Tele-Library - provides callers with the option of automated health information in both English and French.

Call 811.

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