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The following public drug plans provide drug coverage for eligible New Brunswick residents who do not have other drug coverage:
• The New Brunswick Drug Plan covers a broad range of drugs, including anti-rejection drugs.
• The Organ Transplant Plan covers certain anti-rejection drugs.


New Brunswick residents with a valid Medicare card who have received a solid organ or bone marrow transplant may apply for these public drug plans if they do not have coverage for any portion of the cost of anti-rejection drugs from any other drug plan.


The drugs that are eligible for coverage with the plans are listed on the New Brunswick Drug Plans Formulary (see Related Links).

New Brunswick Drug Plan

The premium and maximum copayment amounts for the New Brunswick Drug Plan are based on the annual family income. To apply for the New Brunswick Drug Plan, you must submit a completed Application Form, which is online at

Organ Transplant Plan

The Organ Transplant Plan has an annual premium of $50 and a copayment per prescription. The copayment is 20% of the prescription cost up to a maximum of $20. There is a maximum copayment amount of $500 per family unit per plan year (July 1st to June 30th).

To apply for the Organ Transplant Plan, you must submit a completed Organ Transplant Plan Application Form.

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Inquiry Line: 1-800-332-3692 or 506-867-4515, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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