Government of New Brunswick


Provides financial assistance to owners/landlords for mandatory repairs to rooming houses with bed units that are affordable to low income occupants.


A property is eligible if it meets the following requirements:

- it is owned by a private entrepreneur or a non-profit corporation or a housing co-operative that is not receiving any government assistance;
- it is a rooming house or hostel containing more than three bed units which are rented to people not related to the owner;
- it is intended to serve as permanent accommodation;
- rents charged will be at or below levels established by the Province (this Departments) and Canada Mortgage and Housing (CMHC);

The property is at least five years old and lacks basic facilities or requires major repair in one of the following areas:

- structural
- heating
- electrical
- fire safety
- plumbing

Properties which do not operate as a bonafied rental property are not eligible for rooming house RRAP funding (i.e. nursing homes, care facilities, special purpose housing).


The amount you may receive is based on the cost of the mandatory repairs and the number of eligible beds in your rooming house or hostel. The assistance is in the form of a forgivable loan. The maximum amount you may receive for each bed unit is $16,000. With the exception of non-profit organizations owners must contribute 25% of the total cost of mandatory repairs. All approved applicants must enter into a rental agreement to ensure that rents remain affordable to low-income occupants during the earning period of the loan.

If mandatory repairs cost more than the maximum amount available, you must provide the difference. All mandatory health and safety repairs must be completed.