Government of New Brunswick


Provides financial assistance for:
- Low income homeowners occupying existing substandard housing to repair, rehabilitate or improve their dwellings.
- Modifications to low income homeowner and rental units to improve the accessibility of the dwelling for occupants with disabilities.
- Adaptations for low income seniors who have difficulty with daily living activities in the home.
- Provides assistance for limited modifications to eligible households to accommodate an aging parent.


To qualify:
- the household income must be below the established "housing income limits" which vary by household size and by geographical areas within the province.
- you must own the home and live in it
- your home must require major repairs or lack basic facilities.
- modifications are required for people with disabilities must be housing related and/or provide access to permanently installed, basic facilities within the dwelling.
- adaptations required for seniors must facilitate and prolong independent living (i.e. using the kitchen & getting around hallways)


For homeowners in need of major repairs and or disabled accessible modifications assistance is in the form of a loan a portion of which may not have to be repaid. The maximum forgivable loan per housing unit is $20,000 for regular repairs and $10,000 for disabled accessible items. The amount of forgivable loan is based upon a sliding income scale and the amount of required repairs. The loan amount is at the provincial borrowing interest rate and can be repaid over a period of up to 15 years.

Homeowner households may be eligible for a forgivable loan for both disabled accessible modifications and other major repair items (i.e. structural, electrical) to a maximum of $20,000.

Seniors are eligible for a forgivable loan for minor adaptations to facilitate independent living to a maximum of $5,000

Landlords are eligible for a forgivable loan for disabled modifications to a maximum of $10,000.