Government of New Brunswick


A business or person who owns or operates a salvage yard in the province, for the purpose of buying or selling salvage, must have a Salvage Dealer Licence issued under the Salvage Dealers Licensing Act.


A business applying for a licence to operate as a salvage dealer must file the following documentation and eligibility will be determined by the Salvage Dealers Licensing Commission:
1. completed application;
2. license fee; and
3. written confirmation from the Local Planning Commission or municipal office having authority over the type of activity.

Once documentation has been received and application approved, an interview with the applicant will be conducted by an inspector from the Regional Compliance Office to explain the reporting requirements and ensure that the fencing is in place.


All retailers or businesses that operate a salvage yard for the purpose of reselling or purchasing of salvage, which includes second-hand, used discarded or surplus metals, goods or articles of every description, unserviceable, discarded or junked motor vehicles, bodies, engines or other component parts of a motor vehicle, but does not include bottles, furniture or books must obtain a licence as issued by the Department of Public Safety.

The Department employs inspectors who routinely ensure that salvage dealers possess a current licence, reporting requirements are maintained and the site is compliant with the fencing requirements as outlined in the Unsightly Premises Act.


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
Licence Fee (new or renewal) issued for a period of 2 years expiring June 30th150.001988-01-01