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This program assists clients of this department who are over the age of 19 with coverage for specific dental benefits that are not covered by other agencies or private health insurance plans. Benefits are negotiated with the New Brunswick Dental Society and the New Brunswick Denturists Society.


This program is available to:
• Clients of this department and their dependants 19 years of age and older
• Individuals who have special health needs and who qualify for assisted health care under Section 4.4 of the Family Income Security Act and Regulations.

Clients must have one of the following:
•A valid white Health Services Card indicating “DENTAL” coverage in the BASIC HEALTH ELIGIBILITY section


• A valid yellow Health Services Card with a “Y” or an “X” under DENT in the VALID ONLY FOR box

Additional benefit-specific eligibility criteria may apply.

This program is only available to clients who have no other dental coverage.

Note: Coverage for children 18 years of age and under now falls under the Healthy Smiles, Clear Vision Program administered by Medavie Blue Cross effective September 1, 2012. Further information on the Healthy Smiles, Clear Vision Program can be found under Related Links


Benefits covered under this program are:
• Exams, x-rays
• Dentures and repairs
• Specific types of fillings

This program does not cover:
• Orthodontic services and appliances
• Fluoride treatment
• Sealants
• Root canals on posterior teeth
• Oral surgeries not specified in the contract with the NB Dental Society

Clients are eligible for a maximum of $1000 per year, excluding emergency and prosthetic services.

With the exception of certain types of fillings and for clients in the Enhanced Dental Program, there is no client participation fee for eligible clients for any services or benefits that are listed in the service agreement.

This program cannot reimburse you for any dental services you pay for yourself.

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