Government of New Brunswick


This program assists clients of this department with coverage for feeding supplies and formulas which are not covered by NB Medicare or private health insurance plans.


Department of Social Development clients and their dependents who hold a valid white Health Card indicating
- “Supplementary” in the BASIC HEALTH ELIGIBILITY section
- “TN.” (Therapeutic Nutrients) in the ADDITIONAL HEALTH ELIGIBILITY section
• Department of Social Development clients who hold a valid yellow Health Card that indicates
- a “Y” under the OTH in the VALID ONLY FOR box.

Clients must not have any other medical coverage to be eligible for full benefits.
Social Development client’s residing in Nursing Homes are not eligible for benefits in this program.


This program covers:
- Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) pump and supplies
- Enteral feeding formula, pump rental and supplies
- Dietary Supplement

This program does not cover
- Supplies not specifically related to the feeding

Eligible services are paid monthly. Quantities and frequencies are monitored and may be restricted. Brand name products will only be considered when generic products are not available or when generic products will not meet the client’s medical needs. (Justification will be required).

There is no cost to eligible clients for entitled Therapeutic Nutrients supplies. However, if you obtain services that you are not eligible for, you may be required to reimburse the department for the amount paid on your behalf.
Refer to the Therapeutic Nutrients Program policy for the complete list of benefits.

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